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An introduction to Trikes

An introduction to Trikes A Trike is a motorized three wheeled vehicle, often with an appearance closer to a motorcycle than to a car. These machines have increased in popularity in recent years, being seen as an excellent alternative to motorbikes.         So why have they become so popular in recent years? One reason has been that they are seen as a more stable alternative to a motorcycle. This makes them perfect for those with stability problems – this form of vehicle provides the thrill of...

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New Indiana law requires all minors to wear helmets on ATVs

A new Indiana law taking effect this summer will require all children under age 18 to wear a helmet while riding or operating an off-road vehicle. The measure signed into law last week by Gov. Eric Holcomb takes effect July 1. The new law means owners of off-road vehicles who allow children to ride the machines on public or private land without wearing a helmet that meets federal safety standards could face a Class C infraction and up to a $500 penalty. The new law will also mean changes...

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Important Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Scooter

Scooters have been around since 1914 and became popular after World War II. They are often used for commuting short distances around town but can also travel off road. There are many types of motorized scooters now. If you’re planning to buy one, there are many models to choose from. However, it’s important to get what is appropriate for your use which need not be a difficult task. If you’re not familiar with a scooter’s basic features and their functions, then it’s time to be one...

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5 Hot Midwest ATV Trails

5 Hot Midwest ATV Trails As spring is upon us and summer right around the corner, many people are starting to plan adventurous vacations with their Birdy’s Scooters and ATVs in tow. As an ATV rider you may find yourself wanting to travel somewhere to take on new trails, hills and terrain. If you live in the Midwest and are interested in outdoor excursions, there are numerous ATV friendly locations to explore. Here is our list of 5 hot Midwest ATV trails to hit in 2017 for adventures with family and friends. Midwest...

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At the Core of Birdy’s Scooters & ATVs

At the Core of Birdy’s Scooters & ATVs What are you looking for in a sport? Here at Birdy’s Scooters and ATVs we have over 15 years of combined experience in Powersport sales and service. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We encourage you to do your research on pricing, so you can see just how much you save when you purchase your next unit with Birdy’s. There’s definitely a reason our tagline chirps, ‘cheap, cheap.’ Additionally, we ship straight to your doorstep or business location by working with some of...

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How to Buy the Perfect Dirt Bike

How to Buy the Perfect Dirt Bike Dirt bikes are great for recreation of the whole family. Kids can have a blast riding dirt bikes in the backyard or around the neighborhood. Adults can it out to have fun in the great outdoors, or to go on a journey around the state with their friends. The possibilities can be endless here, once you have purchased the best dirt bike to suit your unique requirements. This is where the task becomes a bit tricky, though. You see, dirt bikes are slightly more difficult to control than regular...

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ATV Christmas Surprise

ATV Christmas Surprise Rock Your Kid’s Christmas with an ATV Does it get harder and harder every year to wow your kids at Christmas time? Do you want a gift that the whole family can use? Do you hate Black Friday shopping? We have the perfect answer – ATVs. From the woods or trails, with a new ATV or a pair of ATVs, your family will be on their way to having tons of fun together. It’s a gift almost anyone can use. Plus there are tons of options – from kid’s ATVs to entry level to bigger more powerful units....

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ATV’s for Kids

ATV’s for Kids ATV riding is exhilarating! There are no words to describe the emotions that you go through when you get behind the wheels and ride them. Through the woods or trails, it’s like you get this sudden rush of excitement when you are riding your ATV. If you have kids, you should really get your kids their own ATVs too. One good reason for you to get kids ATV for your children is that they will never have a reason to sneak out and take a ride on your ATV (which could be a dangerous thing to...

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Choosing the Right ATV Tires and Wheels

Choosing the Right ATV Tires and Wheels ATV Parts & Accessories  Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiasts or an indoor geek (like myself), riding an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) can be a rewarding experience. There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush you get from speeding through bumpy roads or sand dunes while feeling the full effects of the elements around you to get your mind off work-related stress. The ATV industry includes an impressive array of vehicle manufacturers. Names like Honda, Kawasaki, Bombadier, Suzuki,...

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How Gas Scooters Can Save You Money

How Gas Scooters Can Save You Money Scooters are actually very cheap to maintain and insure. Who does not want a lower insurance payment? You can also usually find free parking for a scooter. There are numerous ways that gas scooters will save you money. When buying a gas scooter you will learn that they are actually very inexpensive. Car pooling and public transportation are a few ways to save money on gas but these things can not always be done. This is the reason that gas scooter sales have gone up tremendously over the last...

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